Artist Statement

Photography is Art

Bobbie GoodrichAfter many years as an oil painter, Photography took center stage after purchasing my first digital SLR camera.  Next came my introduction to creative software programs for image enhancement which added a whole new dimension to satisfying my creative ambitions.

As a  painter I acquired  the knowledge and skills for exercising my creative vision in the digital darkroom.   My achievements  are directly related to my understanding of the fundamentals of producing fine art:  Composition, design and  perspective, color harmony or disharmony, tonal value, creating a center of interest using soft edges/hard edges… light and shadow and depth of field.  Applying these principles must be taken into consideration when creating an artistic work of art, whatever medium: sculpture, painting or photograph.

For me the discovery begins in the field with a sketchy vision in my head and camera in hand.  I am a prolific shooter and  the time consuming job of reviewing  and editing after a  shoot can be tedious and demanding.  However;  my vision is heightened when I come upon the “surprises”… those few captures that inspire me to push the boundaries.

The real creative challenge begins in the digital darkroom. The intimacy of my relationship to a subject evolves as I begin the task of producing a more compelling image from the Raw Capture and yet maintain the integrity of the subject.

Often when reinventing an image, the process is intuitive and the picture takes the lead… I am the intermediary.  Other times it’s less spontaneous and requires a larger stretch of my imagination.  My work is a collaborative effort….the artist and innovative software.    My images are customized and re-created using innovative filters as a plug-in to Photoshop enabling me to paint selectively within my image… rarely do I globally apply a filter and call it a day!  My efforts are rewarded when I feel I have successfully conveyed my personal interpretation and produced a more compelling piece of fine art.