No more tours, striking out in a new direction!

African Elephant, ears spread

Calling for a time- out last November from a demanding workshop schedule afforded me time to fulfill some personal goals. A new website was high priority and served as the catalyst to advancing my creative verve.

… It’s been an awe-inspiring project…

I have great memories of real-time spent with like-minded visionaries who attended my phototours and workshops and now I’ve decided to take my interests in a new direction. My new work embodies an abstract quality moving beyond the boundaries of realism into the more imaginative. While there are many programs out there for producing a more subjective portrayal of one’s subject, most important is an imaginative mindset, a dedication to hours of post-processing, and a willingness to embrace change.

Committing almost an entire year of integrating new software programs into my workflow and to gain a comprehensive understanding of Lightroom; I’m now looking forward to sharing with YOU all I’ve learned. My plans include upcoming On-Line tutorials, Blogs, and live Webinar presentations.

So Let’s stay in touch and as Nike says “JUST DO IT” …… how else can you uncover your unrealized potential?

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