2017 a time to celebrate artistic license


Welcome to 2017 and a new era of photography one inspired by universal acceptance of creatively processed imagery it’s been a long time coming and is a turning point from the traditional to a taste for the unique and the unusual

We have known forever that capturing that pivotal in-camera moment can take hours or even days.

The one Henri Cartier-Bresson refers to as capturing an event that is ephemeral and spontaneous, where the image represents the essence of the event.

Historically, the viewer was unaware of how much time and preparation the “decisive moment” demanded of its creator as the effort involved in capturing mesmerizing photos was hidden.

Initially programs like Photoshop and other image-enhancing software also remained comfortably out of the spotlight as photographers wanted to release idealized reflections of reality without drawing attention to the behind-the-scenes stuff.

The digital age has changed all that and now acceptance that a skilled shutterbug can move beyond initial capture to produce captivating images is common knowledge.

This affords us the freedom to express our creativity in ways we might never have dreamed of before, and today’s top photographers are doing exactly that. With a few adjustments to your traditional workflow, your images can stand out from the others like never before.

However, re-envisioning your images can be a challenge. Creative block is real with so much to choose from… where to begin without a destination in mind when you have every tool available to you.

My motto is “JUST START” play.. mess around.. step outside whatever box you’re in and strive to do things differently in 2017 than in the past. All you need to do is get started…

Where do you even begin if you want to transform something like this:

five icelandic horses

Here is my RAW image

… into something like this?

five ICELANDIC horses in the roundup in iceland

here is the image RENVISIONED

“Just begin the process feel your way thru step by step” the previous step informs the next step, allowing the image to evolve. I know it sounds easy, but as you play and experiment in each program, be aware that you are familiarizing yourself with the program. Before long you become skillful enough to stop thinking and dip into your creative zone!

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