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“The photographer’s most important and likewise most difficult task is not learning to manage his camera, or to develop, or to print. It is learning to see photographically – that is, learning to see his subject matter in terms of the capacities of his tools and processes, so that he can instantaneously translate the elements and values in a scene before him into the photograph he wants to make.”
Edward Weston

The subject alone does not produce a strong and compelling image, rather the photographer’s creative interpretation, which can be translated into something more revealing and dynamic.  RAW files are your negatives used for further elaboration to the final image.

Raw image, Bobbie Goodrich "Stallions" Bobbie Goodrich © 2014

Raw Image                                                                                            Interpretation

Images © Bobbie Goodrich 2014

Engaging in the creative process requires imagination and originality. Honing your technical skills until they become instinctive will allow for the Creative Flow to emerge, fusing the two.

I’ve recently returned from a month in Europe, which included another exceptional CAMARGUE workshop. Photographing the gorgeous white horses indigenous to the region is always so rewarding! The workshop is always full of photographic opportunity and this trip was no exception. The camaraderie among the participants also contributed to the success of this year’s workshop!

Home now at my computer… one finger on the delete key while reviewing thousands of images in anticipation of finding the one inspirational image to jump start my creative juices. It’s true, the Camargue has been discovered since my first visit in 2005. Revisiting each year the question is always “how will my images stand apart from the guy shooting next to me?” Everyone positioned in the same location, cameras set on high shutter speed and ready to capture these gorgeous horses running straight into camera view with their lush manes flying and hoofs kicking furiously through sand and sea, the answer to the question of originality is… individual INTERPRETATION.

No two images are captured identically as no two photographers experience the same emotion and vision. Every artist is unique in his or her vision and approach to redefining an image. I can teach the skills and share my post processing techniques but inevitably one’s own personality surfaces in the art they produce!

The dates for my next Camargue Tour are May 11-17, 2015. The shooting itinerary will include 2 stallion shoots, sunrise & sunset shoots with horses running in the sea, ponds and marshes as well as a visit to Parc Ornithologique where the largest population of Pink Flamingos nest and sometimes reach 20,000 couples in number together grouped into flocks.

Post-production demos are scheduled to help you with post processing your raw capture.
Horseback riding is also an option for those who wish to ride.

This year on our last night we were invited to photograph at a nearby lusitano horse farm. The Flamenco dancers and Lusitania horses were nothing less than captivating. It was so impressive that I am including this special performance in my 2015 itinerary.

To learn more about the 2015 tour and see a video of my May 2014 Camargue Tour, visit my website


I will be presenting a Live Webinar for TOPAZ Software on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014.
Hope you can tune in!

Creative Artistry Workshop with Bobbie Goodrich and Tony Sweet

Presently one space remains in my upcoming Santa Fe  workshop, Creative Artistry with Tony Sweet and Bobbie Goodrich, November 13-17th, 2015. Together Tony and I will introduce our artistic concepts and present our personal bag of innovative techniques for processing and developing your own creative interpretations of your raw capture.

Also planned are location shoots with Tony sharing his unreal talent for in-camera artistry.  You will leave this workshop with an arsenal of innovational ideas!
For details and registration, visit:


"Icelandic Horse Roundup" - Bobbie Goodrich © 2014Last year in Iceland I had a fantastic time at a two-day celebration up in the Northern highlands. This event is an ancient traditional annual horse-roundup concluding with an all night celebration of drinking and farmers singing old Icelandic folk songs…quite an event!

Of course this itinerary will included photographing the stunning landscapes all around Iceland as well as the unique indigenous horses with a history as rich as the land itself.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining me for the Iceland Tour.

Check out my other upcoming Santa Fe Workshops, and International Photo Tours for 2014 – 2015.

I hope you have an inspired summer expanding your creative photography skills!




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