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Announcing 2015 Workshops & Tours

Hi Fellow Photographers!

It’s been a busy fall with the introduction of some exciting new software. It’s finally happening…!  Software to inspire the artist in you and advance your creative ambition.

By removing detail and distractions and developing a less objective style you will move your imagery from mediocre and stoic to an expressive work of art.  It’s an achievable goal, more so than ever before. I welcome the challenge and want to share my techniques for blending the “objective and subjective” from raw files.

As a photographer, my work is always finalized in the digital darkroom. I admire those who are superb at producing expressive images the moment of capture;  however I am grateful to be offered a second chance at imposing my artistic expression in the digital darkroom!

A recent comment from a photography pal:

“Your recent work is absolutely fascinating. It reveals your background in painting to be very much influencing what you are doing today. You are challenging viewers to not only see but also feel emotionally. I think the image of the lion is striking. Dark and menacing at the same time, it captures the essence of what it means to be a lion.”

Lion, Namibia © Bobbie Goodrich 2014
Lion, Namibia  © Bobbie Goodrich 2014

Awakening In Taos, The MovieI have also been busy working on photo restoration for an exciting new project: Awakening In Taos is an independent documentary about the extraordinary life of Mabel Dodge Luhan, intended for PBS broadcast: www.AwakeningInTaos.com


Topaz Impression,  MacPhun Tonality and Alien Skin Exposure 6

IMPRESSION, developed by Topaz Labs, is the best program yet for fine art image conversion. The streamlined categories and presets work magic for those images you might have tossed and for those you’ve tried to take beyond realism without success.

Impression’s default “Featured Presets” include a variety of paint techniques are offered in the oil paint category. With choices for presets including charcoal, colored pencil and sketch, oil paint and options of your own custom presets, you will be amazed with the beautiful results that can be achieved.

My June 2015 How To WOW Workshop listed below is designed to advance your skill and technique in producing expressive imagery.

Below are a few conversions of mine taking images from Raw to WOW:

elephant_raw1Raw File on left.
Example of Topaz Impressions below.
© Bobbie Goodrich 2014

Equally impressive is MacPhun’s TONALITY for black & white conversion. The interface is simple and designed to showcase your image. Beneath the image various filter Presets appear for global application. The right panel allows for further image adjustment. The Effects Box at the bottom of the panel offers options for specific presets relating to your particular subject.  The program offers simplicity and ease of use as well as the results!

Below are the raw image and my finished image in Tonality:

Lion, raw file © Bobbie Goodrich 2014Raw Infrared File on left.
Example of MacPhun’s TONALITY below.
© Bobbie Goodrich 2014

Alien Skin’s Exposure 6 is another winner for innovative raw conversion:

RAWRaw File on left.
Example of Alien Skin’s Exposure 6 Far Infrared below.
© Bobbie Goodrich 2014




With Bobbie Goodrich in Santa Fe, NM

June 11-15th  2015


Join me for a 4-day Intensive designed to push you deeper into the creative process and expand your artistic ambition.

In this workshop we will explore and experiment, infusing the latest software into our workflow. By combining the best of what each new program offers, you will learn how to originate your own innovations for transforming your Raw images to WOW. Below is the metamorphosis of RAW to WOW achieved by interfusing a grab bag of new offerings in TOPAZ IMPRESSIONS:

RAW-AUTUMN-RUNRaw File on left.
Wow image below, with
painterly approach using
© Bobbie Goodrich 2014


RAW-horsesTOPAZ-IMPRESSIONRaw File on left.
Wow image below, with
painterly approach using
© Bobbie Goodrich 2014

My FUSION concept allows me to blend the objective and the subjective narrative in these images in order to create work that intends to sends an emotional message challenging viewers to not only see, but to feel and react emotionally at the same time.

Included will be an on-location photo shoot, demos, critiques and hands-on post processing from the images taken on the photo shoot. The itinerary details and registration are posted at:
How To Wow: Fusion 2015



"Icelandic Horse Roundup" - Bobbie Goodrich © 2014September 24 – October 4, 2015

$8,000.  11 days/10 nights

Limited to 12 participants.

Last year while visiting Iceland I photographed a two-day roundup in the north of the island an experience unlike any other!  I hope you can join me for a great adventure in Iceland in 2015.


We spend three days photographing a centuries-old traditional horse round up.

Arriving at the horse farm on October 1, we prepare for the next two days of Roundup happenings.  Photographing an impressive herd of hundreds of free-running and highly spirited horses is exciting enough… but that’s just the start! Upon arrival at the central sorting we spend the afternoon mingling with the horses and farmers as the sorting takes place. The next day, again, the horses running are set free to run through mountainous terrain heading for home. That evening from midnight ’til dawn the locals celebrate with traditional folk  dancing music and song… for those of us not too weary, it’s a true experience in the Icelandic way!

GERDI-black-beach     ICE-LAGOON-bobbiegoodrich

Waterfalls and Wildflowers © Bobbie Goodrich 2014

Our photo journey will concentrate on the southern and south-eastern coastline and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.  Late September provides spectacular photographic opportunities and with luck and 12 hours of daylight, we might get lucky and experience the incredible Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

The itinerary, cost, and other details are posted at my website:
Iceland Tour 2015

Email me your request to include you for priority registration: toursinfo@bobbiegoodrich.com     
All Images © BobbieGoodrich 2014. All Rights Reserved.


How To Wow Example


May 10-17th, 2015

Camargue, Southern France

My annual Camargue Tour is filling fast! 2015 promises to be the best one yet!

All kinds of exciting new things in store…!

Check out the new 2015 itinerary and details here:

Camargue Tour 2015

Camargue Water Sports - © Bobbie Goodrich


Check out my other upcoming Santa Fe Workshops, and International Photo Tours  planned for 2015.

Looking forward to sharing exciting new software, techniques, ideas, and inspiration with you!


All Images © BobbieGoodrich 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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