Newsletter February 2014

Patience and Persistence

Starting the New Year relying on my ‘tried & true’ digital post formulas, I was feeling static and unenthusiastic–in other words, suffering a creative impasse. I was perplexed as how to infuse new ideas and vitality into my post-processing routine.  I knew it necessitated ambition and action on my part… but where to start?

Fortunately an email from a leading company requesting I produce a live webinar using their innovative software was the catalyst for banishing my creative block. As I began exploring and experimenting in untried software, I realized how easy it is to feel stale staying in one’s ‘comfort zone’. Stretching the boundaries impassioned my creativity and motivated me to expand my post-production initiatives.

Achieving a higher skill level was my only option for bringing new excitement and expression to my work!  


My definition of Workflow: One works to bring Flow to one’s Process … FLOW: a state of mind when acquired skills and creative spirit align.

In my view,  if your technical skills don’t go beyond applying a filter preset to your image, it’s a long shot that you will unveil your own originality. Presets can influence and inspire. However, if one’s goal is to communicate his or her artistic interpretation, a more passionate and imaginative approach is essential, as well as an ever-expanding skill-set.

The creative challenge requires we make mistakes; by exploring and learning new methods we inevitably bring our own persona into our work. Remember: Our creative spirit reflects who we are!

Here are a few of my newly created images.
(Left, raw digital files. Right, finished works.)

RAW-Icelandic_White Icelandic_White
Bobbie Goodrich - Icelandic Horses Bobbie Goodrich - Icelandic Horses
Bobbie Goodrich - African Wildlife Bobbie Goodrich - African Wildlife


Creative Processing Master Class

With Bobbie Goodrich & Guy Tal
July 9-14, 2014
Santa Fe, New Mexico

We all strive to make images that convey something meaningful – stories, emotions, and significant impressions. While equipment, field technique, and subject matter all play important roles in the success of an image, it is good processing techniques that gets it past the finish line, looking like you intended it to, and dressed to impress!

Bobbie and Guy cover their unique processing methods and preferred tools, honed through years of professional work; and a proven record of teaching them in the most effective way possible. This is not a “tips and tricks” workshop, but an in-depth, hands-on learning experience.

The class covers today’s most powerful digital processing applications: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz and the Nik Collection of tools and filters, as well as in-field camera instruction.

MTAR_CoverFor Itinerary and Registration, visit:

To learn more about Guy’s photography, visit: And check out his latest book that builds on previously published essays (blog posts, magazine columns, etc.) In addition, the eBook contains high-resolution images that capture the sensitivity and perception that Tal enlightens us with in his writings:
More Than A Rock: Essays on Art, Landscape and Photography.
A selection of essays on the topic of Creative Landscape Photography.

Bobbie Goodrich - Horses of the Camargue

White Horses of the Camargue 2014

With Bobbie Goodrich
May 11-18, 2014  Only 2 spaces left!
Camargue, France

Join me in the Camargue for another exciting opportunity to photograph the gorgeous White Horses of the Camargue region in southern France. Running through the shallow waters of the marshes and the sea, their lush manes blowing in the wind, provides any horse lover an experience unlike any other.

The tour also includes a full day of post production with Bobbie instructing her unique techniques, working on our raw capture taken during our photo shoots. You will be sure to leave this tour with great images!

For Itinerary and Registration, visit: WHITE HORSES OF THE CAMARGUE 2014

Watch the youtube video from Camargue 2011


Creative Artistry Workshop

With Bobbie Goodrich & Tony Sweet
November 13-17, 2014
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Join Bobbie and Tony in a four-day intensive that will provide inspiration and motivation for expanding your creative spirit.

Through photographing on location and working hands-on in the studio, you will leave with the skills to propel your Raw Capture into powerful Fine Art images. If your ambition is to reach your highest creative potential and master new creative techniques in the digital darkroom this workshop is for you!

For full Itinerary and Registration, visit:

New YouTube Video

A new video of my work is now up on YouTube. This montage-style video is by master videographer/writer/producer David Gordon who creates promotional YouTube videos for artists and entrepreneurs as well as full length documentaries. His equine background includes training his own horses, working with abused horses, and the making of an educational documentary video about the mustangs of Sand Wash Basin. View Bobbie’s new video here.

Hope to see all of you in 2014!


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